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Top News

Peloton partners with Omnitracs to offer truck platooning technology

“Fleet management systems provider Omnitracs announced that it has partnered with Peloton Technology, a developer of connected and automated vehicle systems, to bring Peloton’s truck platooning technology to Omnitracs customers…”

Arizona DOT installed sensors on highway I-40 to measure icy road conditions

“Arizona is the latest state to install sensors along an interstate to help transportation officials detect when winter weather could deteriorate road conditions…”

UPS is testing package delivery by drones

“UPS has successfully tested a drone that launches from atop one of its package cars, the company announced. The system is designed to autonomously deliver a package while the truck is driven on a route…”


We’ve also read a few other articles related to our industry that we think you’ll like:

INRIX Global Traffic Scoreboard by INRIX

“The INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard is the largest study of its kind. We analyzed and ranked the impact of traffic congestion in 1,064 cities…”

Updated ELD Mandate Guidelines & FAQ by FMCSA


And be sure not to miss Mobile World Congress in Barcelona!

 Mobile World Congress

Feb.27 –Mar.2, Barcelona, Spain

“Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, organized by the GSMA…”


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