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For 30 years, Magellan has been a proven and trusted GPS navigation provider. Widely regarded as the pioneer of consumer GPS navigation, the company is now putting its years of experience to work developing commercial solutions for the fleet market, helping solve logistical, compliance and operational challenges.

The company understands the need for flexible solutions that address very specific requirements by fleet type and industry. From route execution and management needs to new federal compliance regulations, Magellan has the knowledge and the expertise to develop essential solutions that integrate seamlessly with partner telematics programs.

Just in the last few years alone, the company has introduced several key fleet solutions set to modernize current day fleet challenges. Solutions like electronic logging devices/hours of service compliance; Return-to-Route, an intelligent execution and routing engine; and android-based truck navigation software are making fleets more efficient, better organized and creating cost savings. The company has been so instrumental in the fleet and automotive space it was awarded a “Best of CES 2017” TWICE Picks award from TWICE Magazine for its Return-to-Route intelligent routing and execution software, the only car technology company to win the honor at this year’s show.

“Magellan’s fleet application suite provides fleet managers everything they need to manage and organize driver routes efficiently — from ensuring drivers are compliant with the federally mandated electronic logging rules to making sure entities like cities and their waste/refuse collection fleets don’t miss a stop,” said Mark Perini, vice president of automotive and fleet solutions. “Magellan’s new product portfolio offers a modular suite of essential ingredients that best meet the needs of growing fleets, whether in the private or public sector.”



If for some reason the driver waivers from the planned route, Magellan’s Return-to-Route brings the driver back to the point of deviation, enabling them to complete the route as required and ensuring they never miss a planned stop or route. (Photo provided)


Below are a few of the instrumental solutions Magellan provides commercial fleets:

  • Fleet and truck routing navigators: Make the most of long-haul or around-town trips with Magellan’s award-winning navigation solutions. Magellan’s RC9668 is a 7-inch, IP67 ruggedized android tablet that serves the needs of many different entities, such as long-haul and metro trucks, sanitation and recycling collection vehicles and even snowplows. Purpose-built for high-performance fleet navigation, the device is completely dust-proof, highly water resistant and both shake and drop resistant, offering robust and highly accurate GPS data when combined with Magellan Fleet Navigation software. Magellan Fleet Navigation software and truck maps deliver accurate and time-saving routing with turn-by-turn directions featuring enhanced GPS accuracy solving some of the worst urban canyon challenges. Audible and visual warnings for truck speed limits, weigh stations, toll booths and red light cameras ensure the safety of drivers. Magellan offers dedicated fleet customer support and software integration services to fleet service providers and fleet operators.


  • Return-to-Route: Magellan’s Return-to-Route is a route execution and management solution that keeps drivers of municipal fleet vehicles on track, never missing a single stop. The most accurate multi-stop route planning solution available, RTR supports a broad range of telematics supplier protocols and was designed for the toughest urban canyon GPS issues. The premise of the RTR solution is to ensure a driver follows a pre-defined route and stop sequence. If for some reason the driver waivers from the planned route, RTR brings the driver back to the point of deviation, enabling them to complete the route as required and ensuring they never miss a planned stop or route. By achieving this level of route execution and compliance, fleets reduce the need to send vehicles back into the field to complete missed stops or pickups, resulting in significant cost savings.


  • ELD/HOS compliance: Magellan’s HOS software is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration-compliant solution that can be integrated with Magellan Fleet Navigation services. Regardless of fleet size, Magellan will keep your drivers compliant. The HOS service comes standard with driver-vehicle inspection report functionality and optional International Fuel Tax Agreement fuel tax reporting service. Fleet managers using the Magellan solution are able to automate their HOS and fuel logs, staying compliant with regulations and eliminating unexpected fines and expenses. When paired with Magellan’s Fleet Navigation software, drivers get a premium experience that lets them toggle back and forth between HOS and navigation seamlessly within the same application. This feature increases safety with eyes on the road and not the tablet. Fleet managers also enjoy customizable truck routes and routing options for multiple drivers, along with route avoidance recommendations, plus speed limit indicators and warnings. All of these resources work together to bring fleets and drivers alike the most effective HOS and navigation solution available today.


The Magellan solutions portfolio represents an effective solution for today’s demanding commercial fleet requirements.

Problems are complex, solutions should be simple. Welcome to Magellan.