When it Comes to Fleet Safety, Routing Technology Can Make the Difference

If you’re in charge of an agency’s Fleet operations, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about ways to improve vehicle and driver safety. That’s certainly a good use of your time, because managing a Fleet is an expensive and complicated venture, where you might be responsible for everything from keeping track of your inventory to overseeing a team of professional drivers to juggling soaring fuel costs and never-ending equipment repairs.

In other words, every time one of your vehicles is in the field, you have ample reason to worry. For instance, is the driver new or inexperienced? Is the driver careless? Did he miss a stop?

And it’s not just the drivers that keep you up at night, it’s also what’s out there on the streets. Are there unexpected hazards on the route, a fire, perhaps, or street construction or double-parked cars? Is inclement weather causing delays? Has an accident forced your driver to take a different route?

Safety First—and Last

It’s not enough to plaster safety-first posters around the workplace. In order to better manage your Fleet risks, you’ll want to ensure you’ve done everything you can to promote safety, and the two best approaches are through training and technology.

Training, of course, is a clear path to ensuring safe driving. Well-trained drivers understand the rules of the road and know how to respond to the unexpected. They don’t take unnecessary or unsafe risks. As a case in point, I came across a statistic that claimed risky driver behavior accounted for 90 percent of all auto accidents, not just those that might be Fleet-related.

However, another proven way to protect your Fleet investment is to empower your drivers with the latest technology, helping them to start and finish their routes safely, as well as keep in touch with the back office while in the field.

Routing Technology to the Rescue

One such technology is Magellan’s Return to Route solution, a multi-stop routing and navigation solution specifically designed for municipal and short-haul fleets.

With Return to Route, the back office and driver are connected in real-time through a backend portal (for the dispatcher or manager) and a dashboard mounted GPS-device (for the driver). This enables fleet managers to monitor real-time route completion and ensure services are carried out efficiently, effectively and safely.

Return to Route also enables drivers to immediately communicate with the back office about any unexpected road hazards, information that could be passed OTA to other drivers in the fleet.

Whether it’s training your drivers or equipping them with the latest technology, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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