Fleet Thursday Update 01


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Every Thursday, we at Magellan Fleet will hand-pick 3 of our latest favorite news stories and in-depth articles for you. Enjoy it!

Top News

City of Los Angeles unveils new members of Electric Bus Fleet

 “Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has unveiled a new 35-foot zero-emission, pure      electric bus that will become part of the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation’s LADOT Transit fleet…”

Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan formed coalition to focus on autonomous vehicles

“Transportation agencies in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan have formed the Smart Belt Coalition that will focus on automated and connected vehicle initiatives…”

Denso partnered with CDTi and boost Sales staffs to expand heavy-duty business

Automotive parts powerhouse Denso is expanding its presence in the heavy-duty aftermarket, by bolstering its sales staff seven-fold and introducing new products…”

Few other articles related to our industry that we think you’ll like:

2017 Fleet Management Trends: Telematics by Automotive Fleet

“Consolidation among telematics providers in 2016 could create opportunity in 2017 for greater differentiation, increased connectivity, better pricing, and more standardization of features for fleets who add this technology…”

2017 Top 100 Truck Bottleneck List by ATRI

“The metrics that generate from ATRI’S ongoing truck bottleneck analysis quantify the impact of traffic congestion on truck-borne freight at 250 specific locations…”

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